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Sports Professional Mortgages are experts at helping sportsmen and women with their mortgage requirements, from sorting a mortgage for their own home through to mortgages for investment purposes.


About Sports Professional Mortgages

Learn a little bit more about how we work with professional athletes to help them with their mortgage requirements.
Specialist Knowledge: We have the experience and expertise to understand which lenders are going to help you with your mortgage needs, as a professional sportsperson. All our advisers are CeMap certified and are ready to give you the best advice possible.
Customer-first: We make sure that we put your needs first and provide a first-class service, well worthy of the Premier League. We'll work closely with you to understand your goals and will recommend the best course of action to achieve them.
Solution-Focused: We're dedicated to sourcing the right mortgage products for you. Our team will sit with you to learn about what you want to achieve so they can provide the very best advice. We only charge a fee* for our service once we've got you a suitable mortgage offer, NOT before.


We offer sports professionals a range of different services to help them find the right finance for their property needs. If you're a sports professional and need mortgage help, then look no further.
Investment Mortgages
If you're already considering life after your sporting career, then you may well be thinking about investing in property. We help sports professionals source funding for Buy-to-Lets, HMOs and more. The FCA does not regulate some forms of Buy to Let mortgages.
Residential Mortgages
With most professional sports careers ending around the age of 35, it can be tricky to borrow money. We work with the right lenders who are willing to lend to professional sports people.
Development Finance
For those bigger projects, Development Finance might be the best way to go. From refurbishments to full on construction work, we have the contacts and expertise to help you get the funding you need. It should be noted that the advice we provide to Development Finance is unregulated.

The problems with getting a mortgage as a professional sportsperson

There are a few issues that make some lenders nervous when lending money to sports professionals, including the fact that they are deemed riskier due to shorter career lengths and the risk of injuries. All good lenders are keen to ensure that the mortgage loan is affordable for the sportsperson and, crucially, remains so. Let’s take a look at each in more detail…
  1. Responsible lending means ensuring that the mortgage is affordable
Mortgage lenders and brokers have to make sure that the loan they are providing is affordable for their client. The nature of professional sports contracts means that there is often a range of income sources that need to be considered and proven over time. Being able to afford your repayments now, and crucially in the future, is central to securing mortgage finance for sportspeople.
  1. Shorter career lengths and earlier retirement
There are many advantages to being a professional sportsman or woman. Depending on your age and experience you are probably well paid, and if you’re lucky, you get to retire young. But it’s that early retirement that can make lenders uneasy. Mortgages are typically taken over 20+ year terms, and if you’re not going to be “working” (i.e. playing) past the age of 35, how are you going to afford the mortgage then? Proving to a lender that you have a plan for when you stop playing can be an important step to take during your career. It might be worth starting those coaching badges or helping your club with some scouting work.
  1. Inconsistent income due to bonuses and contract lengths
With professional sports contracts ranging typically from 1 to 5 years, lenders can feel concerned about providing a mortgage over 20+ years. Furthermore, a good proportion of your income may be made up through performance-related bonuses and there could be clauses involved to reduce the income if relegation occurs for example. There’s also the realistic possibility of injury to consider. Whilst you’re doing something you love, the reality is that it could end at any point. Lenders need to be happy that you’ll be able to pay your mortgage should that happen.    

Leadership Team

We like to keep things in the family. Our leadership team are a father and son duo, with an extensive mortgage finance and marketing background between them. They understand the complex world of lending to sports professionals and are on hand to help you get the best advice and customer service possible.
Mark Stallard
Mark Stallard

Managing Director & Advisor

Mark has over 38 years industry experience and has successfully built Sports Professional Mortgages from the ground up, aiding all kinds of sports men and women with their mortgage needs.

    Joe Stallard
    Joe Stallard

    Sales and Marketing Director & Advisor

    Joe is responsible for the development of Sports Professional Mortgages, as well as working closely with sports professionals to help them with their property finance goals.

      Lauren Poole
      Lauren Poole


      Lauren is on hand to make our customers lives as simple as possible. She's there to support all the way through to the mortgage completing, helping to provide a first-class customer service for all.


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